How to Make Friends When You’re Cruising Solo

Cruising is an incredibly popular activity for couples and families. For couples, it’s a great way to get some alone time and have the opportunity to branch out and meet other couples to dine with or to go on excursions with. When it comes to family, cruises offer activities for every member of the family while ensuring that everyone stays safe.

Believe it or not, cruises can also be a great place for solo travelers. They offer a great balance for cruisers traveling alone. There is plenty of opportunity to meet and bond with others as well as plenty of alone time if wanted. It can seem daunting, stepping foot on a cruise chock full of parents with kids or happy couples. Breaking into groups of travelers will seem extremely intimidating as well.

With a few tips, however, you can be well on your way to making friends as a solo traveler on a cruise.

Check for solo activities.

Depending on the cruise line and the size of the boat, many lines will offer programs directed towards solo travelers. Check the itineraries for these types of events. Try not to get discouraged if the first event you go to isn’t popping. Give it another go. A mingle in the evening may be better than a lunch during the day or vice versa. Try out different activities to find different types of solo travelers.

Find the late night hangout spot.

Most cruise ships will have a dance club in the evenings so follow the thumping music. Even if dancing isn’t your thing, a bar scene is a great place to strike up conversations with strangers. Alcohol always lowers the nerves and makes conversations a little easier.

Join a class or try something new.

Dance classes, painting classes or any other small group activity often lends itself well to making friends. Bonding with a fellow shipmate about the impossible dance steps or laughing over a failed skill is a great bonding exercise. If you embarrass yourself, fret not, you’re on a boat full of strangers that you will probably never see again so just relax and enjoy yourself!

Go on shore excursions.

These are sure-fire ways to stir up conversations with other cruisers. You’ll all be ushered into a shuttle or into an activity for the day and it’s a great way to strike up a conversation with a neighbor.

Choose the shared table options for dining.

Many cruise lines offer shared tables for dinner seatings. Make sure to ask to be seated with other solo travelers or groups looking to mingle with other cruisers. Is there any better way to make friends than over a delicious meal? If there are two seating options, stick with the later seating, that’s when more solo travelers will be likely to eat. Some cruise lines even offer solo travelers the opportunity to sit with a crew member or entertainer whose responsibility is to get conversation flowing at the table.

Above all enjoy your trip! A little alone time is good for a vacation, and you should have no problem making friends when you’re itching for some conversation.

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