Planning a Quick Trip to Iceland

One of the hottest travel destinations right now is Iceland. One of the main reasons for this push is the introduction of Iceland’s own airline thus making airfare to and from the country significantly cheaper.

Another draw of this country is its unique landscape. Arguably one of the most unique in the world, Iceland contains giant glaciers, bubbling ice blue hot springs and charming cities.

You could spend weeks exploring this countries vast landscape but if you’ve only got a few days or a week, a quick trip to Iceland is more than possible.

Getting there

Time your flights for the maximum amount of time. Depending on which direction you are traveling take into account travel time and time zone changes, these can give you valuable extra time during your trip.

Icelandair offers great deals on airfare, hotel and tour packages. Unlike other similar packages through other airlines these are actually exceptionally good deals and the tours are ones that most travelers would take anyways.


Iceland is a small country but it offers everything in the way of accommodations from budget hostels to luxury boutique hotels, find something that works for your price tag. Reykjavik is a good location to stay for a short trip to do day trips from, but make sure you check the location of the property you’re looking at as not all hotels are in prime locations within the city.

What to do

Check out the Northern Lights if it is the right time of year. Be flexible with this excursion as they are highly dependent on weather and timing.

Don’t count out group tours as they are well organized and often well worth the money saved in Iceland.

The Golden Circle includes three of Iceland’s most visited attractions. Although some visitors rank these as slightly overrated it’s up to you to decide if it is worth a piece of your valuable time. The circle includes Geysir and the valley of Haukadalur, the Gullfoss waterfalls and the historical area of Thingvellir. If you choose to forge ahead with these attractions, be aware that it is a full day excursion.

Head out to watch some whales. Another full day activity is venturing out in the wee early morning hours and the cold to spend a day on the water looking for a whale spotting. The waters surrounding Iceland are well saturated with whales looking to make your day.

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