Tips for Using Airbnb

Along with the typical accommodation options of hotels and hostels, Airbnbs offer travelers a unique experience when it comes to visiting a new place. Airbnbs are small bed and breakfasts, inns or personal properties or even treehouses that are listed by real people.

You can stay in a trendy loft in Manhattan or a cottage on the beach in Costa Rica using Airbnb’s website of listings. When using Airbnb, there are a number of things to keep in mind to stay safe and to save your peace of mind and wallet.

Remember that most are not hotels.

Don’t expect there to be shampoo or conditioner or even a hairdryer. Most hosts will go above and beyond and provide these things and more, but they are not required to like hotels. These are people’s private homes or properties that they are opening up to Airbnb users and they come with varied commodities.

Do your research.

Airbnb’s website is well set up to give renters and property owners as much access to information as possible. There are photos, detailed information about what the property includes and ample room for reviews. If a property owner has been on the website for a bit, there should be plenty of reviews available to you to give you an idea of the location is really like.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The owners are available for you to ask questions, take advantage of that. If you are trying to stay near a certain venue or location or want to make sure there are things to do within walking distance, don’t be afraid to just ask. Any obscure request you may have can be asked via the app’s platform.

Know the rules.

Some properties don’t allow parking, some don’t want you using the kitchen, read the fine print and follow the property owner’s rules. They have every right to terminate a rental as you do so respect their rules and they will respect your privacy and needs.

Keep an open-mind.

Airbnbs offer a unique experience for travelers that is hard to find in other types of properties. Many Airbnbs give you access to a local that is often very interested in meeting the travelers that come through their property. There is no better way to experience a new city than through the guide of a local.

Consider Airbnb stays as staying in someone’s home. Meeting new people and experiencing how others live is part of the charm of the experience, so embrace it and be ready to make some new friends.

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