What are Repositioning Cruises and How Can they Save you Money

Cruises are a great way to visit multiple destinations with one trip without having to plan all of the travel in between those destinations. The other perk of cruises is to be able to visit multiple locations without having to repack your suitcase! Cruises offer day excursions into the ports while giving you a consistent bed and room to come back to.

Cruises also come at a cost. Because cruises provide everything you need for a trip that come at a high price. They are essentially your transportation between ports, your bed at night, and your food and entertainment for the duration of your vacation. The staff onboard the ship caters to your every need and any activity you’d like to partake in once on land is often an extra cost. They aren’t cheap.

If you’d still like to experience a cruise but your budget is a bit more tight this year, consider looking into a repositioning cruise. These are one way trips on cruise lines. The ships are being moved from one port to the other and instead of losing out on the full cost of a moving an empty ship, many cruise lines will offer discounted experiences to passengers willing to partake in a one way trip.

Most repositioning cruises take place over the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, transferring boats from Europe or Asia to the USA or vice versa. They are often used to move boats to different assignments or purely to avoid harsh winter seasons in some areas.

To find repositioning cruises, it can be challenging. Most major cruise operators will list them in a separate category on their website or you can find websites devoted to just finding repositioning cruises.

To save even more money, in this case, it pays to wait. Unlike airlines, which typically jack up rates the week before the flight, repositioning cruises will lower the rates significantly. Cruise lines often make the majority of their income from on-ship upgrades and alcohol purchases; therefor an empty spot costs them far more than the cost to lower the fare.

Not all repositioning cruises are the same, shop around for an intinerary that interests you. Some ships go directly to their destinations without any port stops, while others crossing the oceans will stop at interesting places along the way giving sailors a unique and cheap experience. For example, one 13-night cruise over the Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale to Rome makes stops in Gibraltar, Madeira, and Alicante. These places would costs thousands to visit independently, but this cruise comes in at under $1000.

These port stop overs are also typically cheaper than the average port stops. Oftentimes, it is slightly off season when the repositioning cruises are taking place, therefor port prices will be cheaper as the crowds are less. With less port stops, in general, costs typically decrease as well.

To save even more during a repositioning cruise, choose the inside room. Repositioning rates are often half the cost of a regular ticket or even less and by choosing a less than desirable room on top of it you slash your cost even more.

Repositioning cruises aren’t for everyone as they do come with the added challenge of your return travel, they are a great way to experience a cruise, some unique stops and to save significant amounts of money while doing so. Choose an itinerary that suits your needs and take off on an interesting adventure.

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