What Not To Pack: Things To Leave Behind

It is incredibly easy to over pack for a trip. That extra weight not only costs you financially it can add stress to your trip that you just don’t want to have. Yes, it’s good to be prepared for weird situations but coming up with creative ways to be prepared is the smart way to tackle packing.

Here are a few things that absolutely should not end up in your bag.

Fabrics the wrinkle easily or that need dry cleaning.

Yes, you should absolutely pack an outfit or two for classier, more dressed up evenings but find articles of clothing that are still low maintenance for these occasions. If you bring shirts or dresses that wrinkle easily, they will often wind up finding their permanent position a the bottom of your bag and may never see the light of day for the entirety of your trip. When a bag’s weight really matters for airport scales, every excess piece of clothing matters and should be carefully considered.

Any and everything white.

Laundry solutions abroad aren’t as advanced as they are in your home. Colors bleed in less than modern laundry machines and that precious bright white shirt of yours could become tie-dyed in no time. Also, stains happen more on the road than at home. Anything light colored is bound to find some dirt or a rogue piece of street meat at least once.


Unless you plan to do your laundry in a sink and have found some light weight dry detergent options, leave the liquid stuff behind. 7/11s will always have small bags of detergent for your trip to the Laundromat or send them to cleaner for a few dollars and your hands don’t even need to touch detergent.


Don’t bring expensive jewelry or a slew of pricey gadgets (unless necessary for work) on a trip. They make you an easy target for thieves and they add stress if something gets broken or lost. In warmer climates, small bugs can burrow into your laptops and create chaos or you could be trapped in a downpour with nothing to cover your bags. Leave anything that isn’t completely necessary at home.

Hair dryers or curling irons.

If perfect hair is necessary for you, perhaps traveling isn’t. Every hotel will have a hairdryer and if you’re staying at a hostel, it’s highly likely that one of your travel companions may have some kind of hot grooming device. It’s a great way to make friends. Embrace your natural locks and learn to love them.

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